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The English Cream White Golden Retriever

Thank you for visiting Recherche Goldens website. We have designed this website to be as helpful as possible in answering all of your questions when it comes to the English Golden Retriever. Below is a summary of our website so you can navigate through it better.

About Us Page:

What sets us apart from all other English Cream golden retrievers are two main things. First is the quality of our program. It's easy to raise puppies but it's very difficult to raise puppies right. Recherche Goldens have gone through exhaustive measures to makes sure every Golden Retriever is healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. Each puppy goes through our extensive training program called Puppy Academy where pups are trained from 5 weeks till 12 weeks old. Many clients also desire their pups to be trained in our more complete Canine College training where our Golden Retrievers are trained until they are 16 weeks old. To accomplish such a task, Recherche Goldens have first-class facilities with 8 team members including a veterinarian tech, a professional dog trainer and many more. Each Golden Retriever is individually trained for over 100 hours and go home potty trained, crate trained, spot trained, stair trained, leash trained, car trained, basic obedience trained (sit, down, wait & come) and are extensively socialized. No other breeder we know of provides such a quality program. We provide hundreds of quality pictures of each pup, give weekly updates, provide training DVD's, and have an overall first-class operation.

Our second main distinction is the quality of our dogs. All of our English Cream Golden Retrievers, besides the ones bred by us, were imported from some of the best breeders in Europe. Each English Golden Retriever we breed are hip, elbow, eyes and heart cleared to breed. They come with impeccable pedigrees with generations of beautiful and healthy parents. Recherche Goldens also provide an extremely friendly 3 year warranty to each of their pups as well.

No other breeder we know of in the country has the quality of our English Golden Retrievers matched with the quality of our program. Read more on our About Us Page.

Our Dogs Page:

Visit this page to learn about our adult English Golden Retrievers that we have breeding in our kennel. Click on each individual picture and you will find a very descriptive page of our European Golden Retrievers. You can read about their health clearances, their pedigrees, their personality and see dozens of pictures of them.

Available Pups Page:

Visit our Available Pups page to view pictures of our current English Cream Golden Retriever pups and/or litters that are available.

Planned Litters Page:

Visit our Planned Litters page to view litters of our white Golden Retrievers that are yet to be born that we have planned.

The English Golden Retriever Page:

This is our most visited page on our website because it gives a detailed description of the English Cream Golden Retriever. It also goes into detail the individual differences between the American Golden Retriever and the English Golden Retriever. The three main differences can be summarized below.

Physical Differences:
The most obvious difference between English Golden Retrievers and American Golden Retrievers are the color of their coat. The AKC (American Kennel Club) penalized for light colored coats but the KC (British Kennel Club) does not. Therefore, many breeders in Europe prefer the light colored coats and it has been slowly bred into them. Not all European Golden Retrievers are cream or white. Recherche Goldens have chosen out of personal taste and nothing more to only breed light cream to white Golden Retrievers. Some breeders frown greatly calling an English Cream Golden Retriever a "white Golden Retriever." We disagree. If you look at the pictures of our pups and adults or if you saw them walking down the street, you would not say our Goldens are light cream but white. True, they are not as white as a Samoyed or an American Eskimo but many are extremely close. Some other physical differences are the head, eyes, topline and coat. English Cream Golden Retrievers typically have blockier heads, thicker bones, straighter toplines and sometimes curlier coats.

Health Differences:
As our webpage will show, English Golden Retrievers have a significantly less chance of cancer than the American Golden Retriever. Studies have shown that the difference is quite extreme. Cancer was the cause of death for 61.8% of American Goldens making it the breed's biggest killer (CLICK HERE to see the study). An average breed only gets cancer around 40-45% of the time. The American Golden Retriever, next to the Boxer, is the highest rated breed to get cancer (CLICK HERE to see report). English Goldens on the other hand is BELOW average and only get cancer 38.8% (CLICK HERE to see the study). As a result, the average an English Golden Retriever will live 1 year and 7 months longer than an American Golden Retriever. This may be the greatest difference between an American Golden Retriever and an European Golden Retriever.

Temperament Differences:
The English Golden and the American Golden are both extremely intelligent, loving and submissive dogs. The main difference between English Goldens temperament and American Goldens is with their energy level. Many American Goldens have quite a high energy level and can be compared to a labrador retriever. The English Golden is typically very calm in comparison. The most common remark we get from our clients is how mature and calm their puppy is compared to previous American Goldens they have owned. Some of the reason is our training program but much of the reason is their exceptional calm temperament.

Reviews Page:

We desire all of our interested buyers to take time and read through this page. We reposted emails sent to us, word for word, on this page. Most provided an updated picture of their white Golden Retriever. We are proud that we are getting many of our current clients from referrals or repeat business. It is the greatest way for our clients to say "thank you." Read what our clients say of our white Golden Retrievers and our program. You can also read more reviews written on "The Breeder Rating" website by clicking HERE. Please note that Recherche Goldens does not have any way of editing, deleting or adding reviews. These are completely unbiased reviews written by our clients.

Warranty Page:

Recherche Goldens are proud to offer a 3 year extensive warranty to each of our English Cream Golden Retrievers. Unlike many bre3 Year Warrantyeders, our warranty is very friendly and is actually a warranty. For example, we provide refunds for pups that die for genetic issues or are diagnosed for illnesses like hip or elbow dysplasia. No matter how much you screen your parents there will be issues with every breeder given enough time. Recherche Goldens have been fortunately to rarely ever have any health issues but just in case, we are going to be behind you to back up what we promised. We do not disappear after your pup goes home. Read through this page for more info.

Nuvet Page:

Nuvet is the world's best multi-vitamin for dogs. We love it so much that we've attached usage of it to extending your warranty. Visit this page for a very detailed reasons why we endorse them for our white Golden Retrievers.

Puppy Training Page:

Another one of our most visited page, our Puppy Training page goes into detail of what we train each white Golden Retriever in our two training programs of Puppy Academy and Canine College. We summarize it below:

Puppy Academy:
Puppy Academy officially begins when the golden retrievers turn 5 weeks old. We begin by spot training, crate training and potty training each white Golden Retriever. They are trained to use the restroom in a certain area and not in another. We then start training them to be in a crate by themselves and to hold their restroom for a length of time. They are then trained to use the restroom outside and are treated/clicked when they potty outside. For 6 days a week, each Golden Retriever is also individually put in a training program where they are taught to go up and down stairs, walk on a leash and taught the basic commands of sit, down, wait and come. It takes an enormous amount of time, patience and perseverance to have each Golden Retriever be a "thinking Golden" and one that's well mannered. Recherche Goldens wants Golden Retrievers to leave not just knowing a few tricks but to be well mannered all around. The training makes a HUGE difference in their personalities. They learn to love, trust and respect us as their masters. They look to humans for the rest of their lives for direction and guidance. Puppy Academy ends at 12 weeks of age.

Canine College:
Canine College begins after Puppy Academy and goes for an extra 4 weeks. Recherche Goldens recommends Canine College if possible for every white Golden Retriever. A 16 week old Canine College Golden Retriever is much more mature and trained than even a 12 week old Golden Retriever. The maturity level is amazingly different. During Canine College the white Golden Retrievers are continually in a training session. This time they are building on their commands for duration, distance and quickness. For example, all of our Puppy Academy Golden Retrievers know "sit." During Canine College, we teach "sit" as an implied command meaning they are to "sit" without being asked. They "sit" before going outside; they "sit" before eating; they "sit" when we stop walking on a leash. We also train them to "come" by different methods. We train Canine College white Golden Retrievers to "touch" our hand. With that new command it gives us another and sometimes more effective way of training the pups to come from long distances.

FAQ Page:
We desire everyone to read through this page. It will answers questions that you may not have thought of before. It will go into detail about our policies, prices and distinctives. You will also read there how to reserve a white Golden Retriever and how to fill out a Questionnaire.

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